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About Us

Crypta Labs is a mobile security startup currently developing a Quantum Random Number Generator, making us the only company in the world, which we know of, developing a commercial QRNG on a mobile device

Our Vision

Our vision is to have our technology installed on all mobile products including mobile phones, tablets, smart-watches and Internet of Things devices. We're going to realise this vision is to build an API library for mobile apps and an integrated security chip for devices.

Crypta Labs is currently fundraising to build our own Quantum Random Number Generator. If anyone is interested in knowing more, please feel free to contact us.

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True Random Number Generator

True Random Number Generator is a mechanism that generates random numbers from a physical source, rather than a computer algorithm.

Quantum Random Number Generator

We use the smartphone's lens and light sensors to detect the photons beams and we count these photons to generate a random number.

Management Team

Joe HQ Luong

Joe HQ Luong


  • 11 yrs in Finance and Operations $40m Budget
  • 7 yrs CEO/CMO/Co-Founder Digital Marketing Agency in Financial Services
  • Partner/Co-Founder Cybersecurity Consultancy
Maarten Weehuizen

Maarten Weehuizen

Chief Operating Officer

  • 10 yrs in M&A, fundraising and investment processes
  • Snr management roles in high-growth companies
  • Experience in developed / emerging markets across 3 continents
Helen Marsden

Dr Helen Marsden

Project Manager

  • Scientific background with more than 13 yrs spent working for both pharmaceutical corporates and academic institutions
  • Experience in supporting start-up companies

Other Team Members

Random Numbers Usage in Industries


Mobile Payments Crypta Labs is working with Mobile Payments Providers to increase the level of their security by switching their encryption protocol from a pseudo random number generator to a true random number generator

Authentication We work authentication companies, including facial recognition technology to increase the security level of their biometric solutions

Mobile Security Crypta Labs is currently in discussion with government agencies and all the major cyber security consultancies to increase the mobile security infrastructure for themselves and their stakeholders


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