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Crypta Labs Joins the Internet of Things Security Foundation

Crypta Labs Joins the Internet of Things Security Foundation

8th September, 2017 


Crypta Labs is pleased to announce that we have officially joined the Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF). 

The IoTSF is an organisation made up of over 100 companies that are dedicated to securing the Internet of Things. The Foundation encourages collaboration between these companies in order to achieve this, and also help companies to increase the adoption and benefits of the IoT. This marks the third of such bodies that we have joined, along with Innovate Finance and Cambridge Wireless

Crypta Labs believes that our membership will benefit both us and the IoTSF, and we are excited to present our encryption solutions to the companies involved, which include BT, IBM and Intel. The Internet of Things is currently insecure against the Quantum Threat, and together with the IoTSF we are secure in the belief that we can construct the solution.


John Moor, Managing Director of the Internet of Things Security Foundation, said: 

“The Internet of Things represents one of the most complex constructions ever created by man and has huge potential for improving our everyday lives. Yet there is also a corresponding threat of connection and it is vital that fit-for-purpose security is integrated into every ‘thing’ and system that is built. We’re delighted to welcome Crypta Labs to the growing membership of IoTSF and helping to lead the initiative of making IoT safe to connect.”

Joe Luong, CEO of Crypta Labs, said: 

We are extremely pleased to have joined the ranks of the many experienced companies that make up the Internet of Things Security Foundation. From the formation of Crypta Labs, we have worked on securing the Internet of Things, and I believe that our decision to join the IoTSF will broaden our opportunities.’