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About Us

Technology is developing at an accelerating pace and increasingly being deployed in products which interact with our bodies and the physical environment around us. The skills of cyber criminals unfortunately are keeping pace: current encryption standards protecting these products are just not good enough.

Crypta Labs is dedicated to ensuring that the security of devices to which we entrust our lives cannot be compromised. Our Quantum Random Number Generator products and solutions are future-proofing the cyber-security of the Internet of Things.


Our Technology

QRNG Module

Our Quantum Random Number Generation encryption module uses the randomness inherent in light to generate true random numbers.

By combining a light source, a detector and a processor into a single Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip, in combination with our own software, we deliver military-grade encryption for devices which if compromised could have lethal consequences.


Mobile Security Module

Our hardware solution uses the camera of mobile phone to generate a true random number.

In combination with our mobile phone sleeve, we are developing an Application Process Interface (API) and a Software Development Kit (SDK) which can be used by mobile application developers to secure their software. Obvious initial applications include finance and healthcare.


Target Markets 


Whether it be for securing communication with or between cars, public transport and planes, encryption is vital for all passengers and participants. Traffic management systems and smart motorways also require the strictest level of protection. We all want to be assured that our safety in this field cannot be compromised by malicious actors.



Communication in the military and intelligence services has always relied the highest levels of security. Now that missions are often being controlled remotely, cast iron encryption becomes even more vital. Whether it be missile arming codes, battlefield communications or human to human issued orders, any compromise of security could be disastrous. Our technology can protect against this threat.



Studies have shown that, just in the USA, over 68,000 critical medical systems, from MRI machines to computer controlled pumps (pacemakers, insulin pumps etc.), are open to hackers, with in some instances up to 25 security holes in such devices. By the inclusion of our technology, these holes can be closed permanently, improving patient safety and overall system control.


Management Team 


Joe HQ Luong


  • Joe’s vision for cybersecurity and the need for quantum based encryption has driven Crypta Labs from day 1 and ensured continued company growth and development.

  • Joe has over 20 years of experience in technology, finance and operational leadership roles, and is an experienced project manager.

  • Prior to setting-up Crypta Labs, Joe founded and ran iProsper Media, a digital marketing agency specialising in the financial services sector, for over 7 years

Joe consultant image.jpg

Oliver Maynard


  • Oliver has over 20 years’ experience within the IT industry, working with hardware, software and network management in the retail, education and financial services sectors.

  • During his career, Oliver has developed and managed proprietary software platforms for a number of successful start-up companies.

  • As CTO, Oliver brings both his technical and business skills to craft and oversees our product development.


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