Crypta Labs


Our Vision & Markets

Crypta Labs is an award winning Mobile and IoT Security company : Our vision is to be the leading security solution by delivering a Quantum Random Number Generation chip which can be used to encrypt anything from sensitive data to transactions, including video and voice.

Cryptographic protocols currently rely upon Pseudo random number generation – where the generation of the random number seed is generated by a program itself, which can be captured and thereby create the opportunity to compromise the entire protocol.

The challenge that we have taken on and are conquering, is that of producing a chip with low power demand, low processor speed, low storage capacity in a small package size and which is commercially affordable.


Our Technology


Our software solution is for mobile devices that are equipped with an image capturing device (camera).

As mobile device cameras have increased in capability, they have now matured to the stage that we can use the lens to capture the random photon reception of light. Using this true randomness to seed our encryption, we are developing an Application Process Interface (API) and a Software Development Kit (SDK) which can be used by application developers to secure their software.

Obvious initial applications include finance and healthcare, but as humans rely increasingly on mobile devices linked to the emerging Internet of Things, such security will necessarily need to be ubiquitous.



Our hardware solution is a Quantum Random Number Generation encryption chip, harnessing the entropy of light photon reception to a sensor.

A single photon is an elementary particle of light, a ‘quantum’ which acts in a totally random way, one cannot predict where on a receptor one will arrive.

By combining a light source, a detector and a processor into a single Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip, in combination with our own software, we deliver military grade encryption for any communicable devices, which, if compromised, could have lethal consequences.



Target Markets


Whether it be for securing communication with or between public or private vehicles, or data fed to them by their on-board sensors, un-hackable encryption is vital for all our safety. Traffic management systems and smart motorways also all require this protection. As driverless vehicles become more commonplace, we all need to be assured that our safety cannot be compromised by bad or malicious actors.




Our military & defence environments have always required the highest levels of security. Now that missions are often being controlled remotely, cast iron encryption becomes even more vital. Whether it be missile arming codes, battlefield communications or human to human issued orders, any compromise of security could be disastrous. Our technology can protect us all against this threat.




Studies have shown that, just in the USA, over 68,000 critical medical systems, from MRI machines to computer controlled pumps (pacemakers, insulin pumps etc.) are open to hackers. There can be up to 25 security holes in such devices. By the inclusion of our technology, these holes can be closed permanently immediately improving patient safety and overall system control.